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Logo PDFKeeper

Open Source PDF Document Management

PDFKeeper is free, open source software that provides a storage and management solution for PDF documents.

Logo Screenshot of main window in version 7.0.0.


  • Store and manage PDF documents in a local or compatible, client-server relational database where they’re indexed to provide full-text search functionality.
  • Upload PDF documents individually or in bulk. In addition, configured folders can be setup to allow for integration and automation.
  • Apply a category and/or tax year to selected document records and when PDF documents are uploaded.
  • Set the flag state on a selected document record and when PDF documents are uploaded to mark for follow-up.
  • Add notes to a selected document record that can include the date, time, and user account name. All notes can be edited and are indexed by the database.
  • Search for document records by Text, Selections (Author/Subject/Category/Tax Year), or Date Added. In addition, the user can list document records that are flagged or all document records in the database.
  • With PDFKeeper, the following functions can be performed on a selected document record: PDF document viewing with the bundled or default viewer; flag document state management; notes viewing and editing; keywords, PDF preview, and PDF text are also displayed for viewing.
  • Export selected PDF documents with their category, tax year, notes, and flag state from the database for easy importing.

These features are available in version 7.0.0.

Client Requirements and Compatible Database Management Systems

Listed on the release page for each available version.


Download the latest version here.

Building from Source

Build Instructions for version 7.x.0 is available here.

Build Instructions for version 6.x.x is available here.

Build Instructions for version 5.0.x is available here.

Build Instructions for version 4.x.x (legacy) is available here.





Please send all comments, suggestions, testimonials, and general questions regarding PDFKeeper here.

If you find PDFKeeper useful, please consider donating to the project using PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card.


Your contribution will help pay annual operating expenses and raise the needed funds to promote PDFKeeper to the PDF business community.


PDFKeeper is OSI Certified Open Source Software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3.