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  jquery.xmlns.js:  xml-namespace selector support for jQuery

This plugin modifies the jQuery tag and attribute selectors to
support optional namespace specifiers as defined in CSS 3:

  $("elem")      - matches 'elem' nodes in the default namespace
  $("|elem")     - matches 'elem' nodes that don't have a namespace
  $("NS|elem")   - matches 'elem' nodes in declared namespace 'NS'
  $("*|elem")    - matches 'elem' nodes in any namespace
  $("NS|*")      - matches any nodes in declared namespace 'NS'

A similar synax is also supported for attribute selectors, but note
that the default namespace does *not* apply to attributes - a missing
or empty namespace selector selects only attributes with no namespace.

In a slight break from the W3C standards, and with a nod to ease of
implementation, the empty namespace URI is treated as equivalent to
an unspecified namespace.  Plenty of browsers seem to make the same

Namespace declarations live in the $.xmlns object, which is a simple
mapping from namespace ids to namespace URIs.  The default namespace
is determined by the value associated with the empty string.

  $.xmlns.D = "DAV:"
  $.xmlns.FOO = "http://www.foo.com/xmlns/foobar"
  $.xmlns[""] = "http://www.example.com/new/default/namespace/"

Unfortunately this is a global setting - I can't find a way to do
query-object-specific namespaces since the jQuery selector machinery
is stateless.  However, you can use the 'xmlns' function to push and
pop namespace delcarations with ease:

  $().xmlns({D:"DAV:"})     // pushes the DAV: namespace
  $().xmlns("DAV:")         // makes DAV: the default namespace
  $().xmlns(false)          // pops the namespace we just pushed
  $().xmlns(false)          // pops again, returning to defaults

To execute this as a kind of "transaction", pass a function as the
second argument.  It will be executed in the context of the current
jQuery object:

  $().xmlns("DAV:",function() {
    //  The default namespace is DAV: within this function,
    //  but it is reset to the previous value on exit.
    return this.find("response").each(...);

If you pass a string as the function, it will be executed against the
current jQuery object using find(); i.e. the following will find all
"href" elements in the "DAV:" namespace:


And finally, the legal stuff:

  Copyright (c) 2009, Ryan Kelly.
  TAG and ATTR functions derived from jQuery's selector.js.
  Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.