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Spatial analysis in R for marine scientists

The aims of this workshop is to :

  • Feel more comfortable to work with spatial data
  • Load spatial data in R and visualise it
  • Extract information from remote sensing or model dataset
  • Take advantage of the numerous databases that are available online

The data, guidelines and scripts can be downloaded in the archive. The workshop is divided in two section of approx. 2h each.

1. How to load, extract and analyse spatial data in R?

See 1_LoadExtractGIS for guidelines

  • Load spatial data in R (vector and raster in different formats, including NetCDF).
  • Access information from spatial data (projection system, extent, attribute table)
  • Create maps
  • Overlay spatial data and extract information from raster and vectors

2. Hands-on multidimensional examples

See 2_MultiExamples for guidelines

  • Understand the organisation of multidimensional data
  • Explore the temperature-depth profile of the Baltic Sea
  • Observe the seasonal pattern of primary production in the German Bight
  • Strengthen your GIS and mapping skills

Enjoy !!

Romain Frelat


GIS and R - how to load, extract and analyse spatial data in R ?



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