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libvirt-go Build Status GoDoc

Go bindings for libvirt. These bindings are deprecated. Please, migrate to the new official version. You'll have to do some minor adjustments to your code.

Make sure to have libvirt-dev package (or the development files otherwise somewhere in your include path)

Version Support

The minimum supported version of libvirt is 1.2.2. Due to the API/ABI compatibility promise of libvirt, more recent versions of libvirt should work too.

Some features require a more recent version of libvirt. They are disabled by default. If you want to enable them, build using one of those additional tags (you need to use only the most recent one you are interested in):

  • 1.2.14

For example:

go build -tags libvirt.1.2.14

OS Compatibility Matrix

To quickly see what version of libvirt your OS can easily support (may be outdated). Obviously, nothing below 1.2.2 is usable with these bindings.

OS Release libvirt Version
FC19 1.2.9 from
Debian 8 1.2.9 from jessie
Debian 7 1.2.9 from wheezy-backports
Ubuntu 14.04 1.2.2 from trusty
Ubuntu 16.04 1.3.1 from xenial
RHEL 7 1.2.17
RHEL 6 0.10.x
RHEL 5 0.8.x

0.9.x Support

Previously there was support for libvirt 0.9.8 and below, however this is no longer being updated. These releases were tagged v1.x at (docs).



Please fork and write tests.

Integration tests are available where functionality isn't provided by the test driver, see integration_test.go.

A Vagrantfile is included to run the integration tests:

  • cd ./vagrant
  • vagrant up to provision the virtual machine
  • vagrant ssh to login to the virtual machine

Once inside, sudo su - and go test -tags integration libvirt.