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Custom Component for Homeassistant to show zigbee2mqtt Networkmap
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Custom Component for Homeassistant to show the zigbee2mqtt Networkmap with viz.js.

Forum link with Screenshot


Important: you have to clear the browsercache after each update


  1. Download or clone

  2. Copy "custom_components/zigbee2mqtt_networkmap" and content to your "custom_components" folder.

  3. Copy the folder "www/zigbee2mqtt_networkmap" and content to your "www" folder.

  4. Add the following to your configuration.yaml. It is possible to update the map directly via button. If you want to use this functionality you also have to activate the webhook component

       #topic: your topic (optional, default zigbee2mqtt)
         title: 'Zigbee Map'
         url: '/local/zigbee2mqtt_networkmap/map.html'
         icon: 'mdi:graphql'

    You can set the graphviz engine via URL Parameter: map.html?engine=circo (Default: circo, Supported Engines)

  5. Restart Homeassistant

  6. Call the service "zigbee2mqtt_networkmap.update"

  7. Test if everything is working

Now you should create an automation which calls the service "zigbee2mqtt_networkmap.update" for example every 10 minutes:

  - id: update_networkmap
    alias: 'Zigbee Map aktualisieren'  
    hide_entity: true  
      platform: time_pattern
      minutes: '/10'
      seconds: 00
      service: zigbee2mqtt_networkmap.update
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