Chill is an interactive language and a system for supporting tutition of learning how to program which runs in web browsers
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Chill is meant for supporting tutition of learning how to program. Chill allows to enter single instructions, which are executed at once and Chill allows to enter and execute whole programs. Chill offers possibillities of structured programming, such as branching, loops and functions. Chill offers built in and user defined Data types. Chill supports Object oriented programming, based on classes and inheritance. Chill is embedded in an enviroment, which can be used to design and offer courses. This enviroment as well as the language implementation are written in Javascript, so they can be executed in Web Browsers. The Sytsem is served by a Web-Server with PHP and MYSQL support.


Copy all files including Subfolders to a web server with php and mysql support. Run setup.php