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class PdfMaker
def initialize(app)
@app = app
def call(env)
status, headers, response =
if ( env["REQUEST_URI"] =~ /\.pdf$/ and env["REQUEST_URI"] !~ /\?|=/ )
# If the page ends in ".pdf" and doesn't contain ?'s or ='s,
# render it as a PDF. Otherwise, don't do anything with it.
content = response.join("")
# Perform regexes to transform content to make it more PDFKit-riendly
# Replace note elements with actual note icons, since PDFKit won't render background images as
# defined in external CSS files
# Commented out because we run on a single thread on Heroku. Trying to load a local image
# while we're rendering a PDF will deadlock
#content.gsub!(/<td class="icon"><\/td>/) do |match|
# #puts "Subbing for note icon"
# "<td class=\"icon\"><img src=\"/images/note.png\"></td>"
# Use regexes to replace relative links/images with fully qualified links/images
# Otherwise, PDF will try to link to file:// and images will be broken
# Don't use the one for images. Same issue as with icons, trying to load a locally hosted
# image will deadlock.
#content.gsub!(/<(a href|img src)="(.*?)">(.*?)(?:<\/a>|)/) do |match|
content.gsub!(/<(a href)="(.*?)">(.*?)<\/a>/) do |match|
type = $1
url = $2
text = $3
# If there's no colon in the URL, then assume it's a relative link, and make it absolute
if !(url.include? ":")
# puts "Subbing for " + type + " " + url
if !( url =~ /^\// )
url = "/"+url
'<'+type+'="http://'+ env["HTTP_HOST"] + url.to_s + '">' + text.to_s + '</a>'
# Colon in the URL, leave it as is (ftp, http, mailto...)
# Create a PDFKit object, apply some CSS to it
kit =
kit.stylesheets << File.join( File.dirname(__FILE__), 'public', 'stylesheets', 'pdf.css').to_s
kit.stylesheets << File.join( File.dirname(__FILE__), 'public', 'stylesheets', 'coderay.css').to_s
kit.stylesheets << File.join( File.dirname(__FILE__), 'public', 'stylesheets', 'fontface.css').to_s
body = kit.to_pdf
response = [body]
headers["Content-Type"] = "application/pdf"
headers["Content-Length"] = (body.respond_to?(:bytesize) ? body.bytesize : body.size).to_s
[status, headers, response]