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jolokia-extra - Addons for Jolokia

jolokia-extra's purpose is to provide a potpourri of extensions to the Jolokia JMX-HTTP Bridge which are either to special or to big to include in the regular distribution.

JSR-77 Simplifier

Initially provided as a pull request to Jolokia by Marcin Płonka, a set of simplifier is available for better access to JSR-77 defined statistic values. Although JSR-77 has been abandoned for JEE 6 and later it is somewhat continues to live in various JEE containers, especially Websphere continues to support the JSR-77 naming and statistics scheme.

Using the profile jsr77 will build the agents with JSR-77 support. This means they simplifiers get included then into the JVM and WAR agent. For OSGi you can directly deploy the jolokia-extra-addon-jsr77.jar to the OSGi container.

To build the agents call maven as usual:

mvn -Pjsr77 clean install

The agents can be found below agents/

Health Checks

Health checks can be used to provide internal, possibly complex checks on MBeans and return a consolidated view of the results via extra MBeans registered.

To create the specific agent, use the profile health

mvn -Phealth clean install

Agents can be found in agents/

Currently a Proof-of-Concept is available which registers an MBean jolokia:type=plugin,name=health with two operations: cpuLoadCheck (which takes a CPU load threshhold) and mbeanCountCheck which simply checks whether there are any MBeans registered. Refer to the source in addon/health for details.

You can expect a much more sophisticated version with a flexible configuration here soon.


Addons to Jolokia, the HTTP-JMX Bridge







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