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The repository for WP Flipclock on Github.
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WP Flipclock

The repository for modifications to WP Flipclock on Github.


WP Flipclock is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily add a flipclock to your site’s posts and pages via a shortcode.

The plugin allows you to count down or up from a specific date, as well as choose whether you count down days, hours or minutes.

The plugin uses the Flipclock.js library from ObjectiveHTML.

This fork is for modifications/fixes to the main repository established by Winwar.


See the WP Flipclock page.


  1. Upload the plugin (unzipped) into /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin under the “Plugins” menu.


To use the plugin in your site, all you need to add to the page is the [flipclock] shortcode. There are various attributes you can add as well:-

  • name - Give the flipclock a name. If you omit the name the plugin will assign a unique name to each flipclock instance.
  • countdown (True/False) - Allows you to count down to a date (true), or count up from a date (false). Default is false.
  • date – Any date string, formatted how you like, which the clock will count up from/down to. Default is none.
  • face (days/hours/minutes) - The face of the clock. Default is hours. Options are:-
  • **days – Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds
  • **hours - Hours : Minutes : Seconds
  • **minutes - Minutes : Seconds
  • lang - Changes the language of the labels (days,hours,minutes,seconds). Supported languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, German.
  • timezone - Sets timezone for date. Now it shows the correct time before the event. (fix issue #2 Time Localisation). The time zones have unique names in the form "Area/Location", e.g. "America/New_York".
  • seconds - Hides|shows seconds in face-mode "days".
  • **1 - shows seconds
  • **0 - hide seconds
  • **hidelabel - If omitted the clock labels (days,hours,minutes,seconds) will be displayed. If set to "true" the labels will be hidden.



Bob Anderson for his work on the hidelabel bug. It's now working. As well as a lot of cleanups.


gleave75 who discovered a bug in v1.4 where the countdown timer was out by how far away that time zone was from UTC.


  • Den Kalinin for his work integrating languages & and timezones.
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