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#SPSFAST A fast library for Stellar Population Synthesis

The basis of the program is the GALAXEV population synthesis code, and models. The code was ported to C++, and OpenCL for GPU and multithreaded CPU parallelisation. It can generate a galaxy spectrum in 1 millisecond on a GPU and 10-20ms on 1 CPU core. It support user defined star formation history and exponential star formation. The library also contains a Markov chain Monte-Carlo fitter. A python wrapper helps to generate spectra in a very convienient and still extremely fast way.


  • If you have the opencl header and libs, please set their location in the Makefile. After that you can make everything.
make all
  • If you dont want to use the opencl version, you can just make the cpu only codes.
make cpu_only



Enviroment variables

  • First please export the following enviroment variable. The programs use binary model inputs and opencl kernel which are placed in specific locations.
export SPSFAST_PATH=/path/to/sps/root/
  • Make sure dynimaic opencl library can be found
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/opencl/shared/lib/:LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • If you want to use the python bindings also export its location to python path:
export PYTOHONPATH=/path/to/sps/root/python_wrapper/:PYTOHNPATH

Model data

Generating spectra in command line

  • with opencl
bin/generate_spec input/example_config_file.cfg input/example_params.tsv results.tsv
  • only on cpu
bin/generate_spec_cpu input/example_config_file.cfg input/example_params.tsv results.tsv

Fitting spectrum with MCMC

  • with opencl
bin/fit_spectrum input/example_fitter_config_file.cfg result_prefix
  • only on cpu
bin/fit_spectrum_cpu input/example_fitter_config_file.cfg result_prefix

Python wrapper

You can use the python wrapper to convieniently generate spectra, please check out the notebook for a demonstration.


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