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Kanboard plugin to import TODO tasks created by tdg
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Kanboard plugin to import TODO tasks created by tdg

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This plugin allows to synchronize tasks based on current TODO/FIXME/BUG comments in the project source code to tasks in kanboard. Comments are extracted using tdg utility. You will see file, line, branch and issue for each TODO task.

After the import

In order to get tasks synchronized, you have to create a project in kanboard with name equal to the name of your project. After TODO comment is removed from source code, it is automatically moved to the last column (usually, "Done") in the kanboard project.

You can read about history and reasoning in this blogpost.


  • Install kanboard (recommended options: docker or raspberry pi)
  • Download this plugin from Releases and extract to kanboard-root/plugins/ directory (see hierarchy below)
  • Create a kanboard project with the name equal to the name of the project you want to track with standard layout ("TODO", "In progress" and "DONE")
  • From admin user go to global Settings and in the API section copy token and endpoint url.
  • Install tdg using go get
  • Create git post-commit hook that will fetch current comments from source code and send them to kanboard

Directory hierarchy of installed plugin should look as follows:

├── plugins
│   └── TdgImport
│       ├── Api
│       │   └── ImportTODOProcedure.php
│       ├── Plugin.php
│       └──

Sample script (replace API token and endpoint with yours):



JSON_OUT=`tdg -root /path/to/project/root -include "\.cpp$"`

PAYLOAD="{\"jsonrpc\": \"2.0\", \"id\": 123456789, \"method\": \"importTodoComments\", \"params\": ${JSON_OUT}}"

curl \
    -u "jsonrpc:${API_TOKEN}" \
    -d "${PAYLOAD}" \

Now when you run git commit, all your comments will be automatically synchronized. Don't forget not to commit your tokens.

Debugging server-side

  • In order to see fatal errors you can check latest in apache error.log
  • Go to kanboard directory and execute cp config.default.php config.php
  • Open config.php and set DEBUG to true and LOG_DRIVER to file
  • Execute sync and you will be able to grep debug log for [TODO import]
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