PHP Script to send cross-platform push notifications with ACS
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ACS PHP Push Notifications

Small, reusable PHP script/web service to send ACS cross-platform push notifications. Simply host this script and you can call it from your web, desktop and even mobile apps.

If you're looking for a way of activating Push Notifications in your Titanium apps, take a look at my ACS Push Notifications CommonJS Module.

This script supports iOS and Android. To send to Blackberry devices, you can use this script by Pedro Enrique.


Simply host it and call it via HTTP GET or POST (I recommend post). The script receives the following arguments:

  • acskey - ACS development or production API Key
  • acsuid - ACS User Name
  • acspwd - ACS Password
  • to_ids - Id(s) of users to send notification to (defaults to everyone)
  • channel - Channel to send to
  • title - The message title
  • message - The actual message


Credit goes to patrickjongmans for the original script posted on the Appcelerator Q&A.




You can also send ACS Push Notifications with Perl.