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Arguman + Alexa

This sample Alexa app demonstrates API data fetching interacting with Alexa.

Big thanks to the folks from for letting me use their API.


Browse to arguman function folder

$ cd functions/arguman

Install npm dependencies

$ npm install

Generate JSON schema for Skill Builder

$ npm run model

This command will generate your intents schemas and it is compatible with latest beta of Skill Builder.

Remember to rebuild your model everytime you change your intents or utterances, then in your skill schema builder copy/paste model.json

Local development

Install ngrok using npm

$ npm install -g ngrok

Tunnel ngrok to development server port

$ ngrok http 3000

Start the local express server

$ npm run dev

Copy your ngrok url, ie:, and paste it in your Alexa Skill Endpoint configuration.

Deploy to AWS Lambda

Setup Apex

Create your project.json

$ apex init

And deploy the lambda function

$ apex deploy arguman

Check your AWS Lambda console and copy your function ARN identifier, ie: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:137159733138:function:arguman_arguman, then paste it in your Alexa Skill Endpoint configuration.

Remember to add the Alexa Skill Kit trigger to your function.

Check the apex docs

Add Alexa trigger for your lambda

Checkout the docs here

Setup new Alexa Skill

Checkout the docs here