Atom linter plugin for JavaScript, using JavaScript Standard Style


apm JavaScript Style Guide

Linter for JavaScript Standard Style and its forks.



$ apm install linter-js-standard

Alternatively, go to Settings → Install and search for linter-js-standard.


Default style

Default global style when none is installed locally. Choose between:

Only lint if installed locally

Only lint if standard (or one of the other styles) is installed as a dependency (that is, if it is listed in devDependencies or dependencies in package.json).

Show ESLint rule ID

Show ESLint’s rule ID in the message description. For example: Extra semicolon. (semi).

Skip if ESLint is installed locally

Skip linting if ESLint is installed locally.

Lint HTML documents

Lint JavaScript code within <script> tags in HTML documents.

Lint Markdown documents

Lint JavaScript code blocks within Markdown documents.