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Project with usage examples for UnitySteer. This project contains *only* the examples, and has the actual UnitySteer repository as a submodule.

Examples for UnitySteer

This repository contains a series of examples for UnitySteer, a library for autonomous agents in Unity written and maintained by Ricardo J. Méndez. Pull requests are welcome.

See for a description of the current examples.

A word on methodology

Since these are tutorial examples, I expect I’ll just run development straight off master. The UnitySteer repository does follow git flow, so expect this tutorial repository will be a work-in-progress and might at any given point reference a UnitySteer development branch.

Checking out the repository

It includes the UnitySteer Github repository as a submodule. If you have just cloned the project and find missing behaviours, make sure that:

  • You actually have some files inside the Assets/UnitySteer folder;
  • You have run git submodule update to check out the latest referenced version;

Or you could use an application like SourceTree which handles the submodule semantics for you.


UnitySteer is released under the MIT license. See License.txt.

Other third-party components

Includes GoKit, which has its own license. See GoKit's repository for details.

Includes some textures from Unity’s standard examples.

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