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Gates Foundation IATI processing

Gates Foundation IATI data is available from the IATI Registry.

As of 2018-08-14, the Gates Foundation IATI data claims to use version 2.03 of the standard.

Instructions for getting the data and generating the SQL file

Go to and make sure the activity files are the same as in (in the past, Gates has made the activity files more granular over time, so that the file names changed). If the file names are different, first edit to use the new file names.

To run:

# Fetch external dependencies into data-retrieved-YYYY-MM-DD

# Generate the SQL inserts.  Make sure to change YYYY-MM-DD to the
# current date.
./ data-retrieved-YYYY-MM-DD > out.sql

There is a bug in the XML from Gates, where there is a percentage that equals 500 (i.e. 500% a.k.a. utter nonsense). An assertion in the script catches this. If you would like to generate the SQL, edit the XML.

It's probably from this part in data-retrieved-YYYY-MM-DD/bmgf-activity-a-c.xml:

{'notes': 'to increase access of smallholder farmers to improved crop varieties using a variety of production and distribution strategies; Aid type: Project-type interventions', 'cause_area': 'Agriculture/agricultural research','donation_date_basis': 'IATI', 'donor_cause_area_url': '', 'donor': 'Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation', 'affected_regions': '', 'donation_date_precision': 'day', 'donation_date': '2006-12-01', 'donee': 'Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa', 'url': '', 'affected_countries': 'Burkina faso,Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania,united republic of, Uganda, South africa, Zambia'}

If it is this sort of thing, try running the command:

sed -i 's/500.000000000001/100.0/g' data-retrieved-YYYY-MM-DD/bmgf-activity-a-c.xml


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