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The gt Workshop, XXL Size

This gt workshop will teach you a lot about what gt can do, and, it'll give you an opportunity to experiment with the package. It's available as an RStudio Cloud project, and that makes it easy to get up and running.

The goal of the workshop is to introduce you to a lot of examples and provide some time to generate some sample tables, learning bit-by-bit as we go.

Each module of the workshop focuses on a different family of functions, with relevant examples and exercises in each. They are all presented here as R Markdown (.Rmd) files with one file for each workshop module:

  • "01-create-table.Rmd" (The Create Table Family of Functions)

  • "02-create-modify-parts.Rmd" (The Create/Modify Parts Family of Functions)

  • "02z-PRACTICE-01-02.Rmd" (Practice with functions from modules 01 and 02)

  • "03-format-data.Rmd" (The Format Data Family of Functions)

  • "04-modify-columns.Rmd" (The Modify Columns Family of Functions)

  • "04z-PRACTICE-03-04.Rmd" (Practice with functions from modules 03 and 04)

  • "05-summaries.Rmd" (The Add Rows Family of Functions)

  • "06-table_option_functions.Rmd" (The Family of Table Option Functions)

  • "06z-PRACTICE-05-06.Rmd" (Practice with functions from modules 05 and 06)

You can navigate to any of these and modify the code within the self-contained R Markdown code chunks. Entire R Markdown files can be knit to HTML, where a separate window will show the rendered document.

The gt Installation

Normally you would install gt on your system by using install.packages():


For this workshop, however, we are going to use the development version of gt and install it from GitHub with devtools::install_github().