R package for creation of "diverging pip" plots
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R package for creation of "diverging pip" plots

I designed these figures to help identify imbalances between two groups where both percentages and raw frequencies were important. For instance, if one sees a 70/30 split between two groups with 300 people, this might be a problem; but if the number of people is 10, that is less of a problem. Typical plots will show percentages with numerical frequencies added; these plots are confusing and don't represent the data very well.

There are four kinds of plots currently supported: plain, side-by-side, stacked, and histogram-style. Example figure

Type Example use
plain Show group balance across time.
side-by-side Compare group balance across time between two or more populations
stacked Compare group balance in, say, turnover across time
hisstogram-style Compare group balance in distribution of ordinal variable (e.g., grades)

How to use

To install, use the devtools package:

install.packages('devtools') # if necessary
devtools::install_github("richarddmorey/divergingPips", subdir = "divergingPips")

Then run the examples:

example("diverging_pip_plot", "divergingPips")

Or try this example:

frq = array( c(10,40,20,10,
               11,23,54,23), dim = c(2,4,2))

rownames(frq) = c("Women","Men")
colnames(frq) = 1981:1984
cols = matrix(c(rgb(255,164,56,maxColorValue = 255),
            rgb(120,80,155,maxColorValue = 255),
            rgb(255,164,56,maxColorValue = 255, alpha=128),
            rgb(120,80,155,maxColorValue = 255, alpha=128)),2,2)

divergingPips::diverging_pip_plot(frq, bar.width = .4, bar.width.n = 5, bar.col = cols, sym = FALSE, stacked = TRUE)  

which results in this figure: Example figure