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my munich map aka neighborhood map - a react project

What is inside?

This is an map of my munich with points of interesst, where i stay often. There are 5 markers with a link to more details on foursquare. This is part of the fend by udacity.

Take a live-look here:

my thoughts before i started

first of all, i thought about what should be in one file, what should be in an seperate file, for example, the lon/lat of interessting points included in the app.js file will be in an seperate file "poi.json" for a better readability in the next version.

one more remark, i not included a "burgermenu" for this version, as my menu is with maps good readible in mobile version, but is planned for a future release.

How to install/run the app

You need to download or clone this repo.

Next, open a cli in this folder and use

npm install

and then

npm start or yarn -start

if you have yarn installed, a browser will open automatically. If not, you can start the app with opening an browser and then the url: http://localhost:3000/.

Have fun;-)


a project in react for udacity fend






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