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This repo accompanies the publication "Low-Cost, Open Source Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time, Scalable Groundwater Monitoring" and contains all the scripts necessary to build an interactive web dashboard for a groundwater observatory.

As an example, please see the Cosumnes River Groundwater Observatory, a project of UC Water.


The clean folder contains scripts that are automatically run every day at 04:00:00 UTC. Together these scripts:

  • extract data from Solinst hardware
  • clean and transform the data (i.e. - adjust for reference elevation, baromaetric pressure)
  • generate a report of remaining battery life and recent monitoring well data and email that report to a contact list
  • push a clean version of the database to the cloud
  • save versions of the database every 7 days to the cloud

The dashboard folder contains (among other files), the three files comprising an R Shiny App:

  • global.R
  • server.R
  • ui.R

Together, these files build the web dashboard.

Shiny Server

We use the open source version of Shiny Server to host the app, which can take place on a cloud computing environment of your choice (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

Project specific note to a future maintainer: Log in at, and note that the app files are located at /srv/shiny-server/gw_obs.

Repurposing this code

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you aim to set of a monitoring well network of your own, this software is free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Please reference this work in your derivative products.

You will need a skilled R programmer familiar with Shiny to integrate your hardware with this software.

The file in the main directory is a daily log of activities during the process of building the app and contains valuable insights for those following in these footsteps.


R scripts that perform all steps between data retrieval and the interactive web dashboard for the Cosumnes River Groundwater Observatory






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