A song picker/player AIR native extension for iOS and Android.
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A song picker/player AIR native extension for iOS and Android.

Author: Rich Lovejoy (https://github.com/richpixel)

The SongPicker Air Native Extension lets you choose a song from your music library on your iOS or Android device using the native media picker, and play it back using the native media player.


  • You must include the following lines in the Android manifest section of your app config xml file to use the picker:


  • You must specify the iOS SDK to build against when packaging an app for iOS. (ActionScript Build Packaging > Apple iOS > Native Extensions)


Include the SongPicker.ane in your project.

import com.newpixel.air.nativeextensions.SongPicker; import com.newpixel.air.nativeextensions.SongPickerEvent;


SongPicker.instance.addEventListener(SongPickerEvent.SONG_CHOSEN, songChooseHandler);
SongPicker.instance.addEventListener(SongPickerEvent.CANCELLED_SONG_PICKER, cancelPickHandler);	


SongPicker class methods

  • isNativeMediaPickerAvailable():Boolean Returns true if there is a native media picker on this device. This may return false on some Android devices, like the Kindle.

  • pickSong(downloadedSongsOnly:Boolean=true):void Bring up the native media picker to allow a user to choose a song from his library. Triggers the SongPickerEvent.SONG_CHOSEN or SongPickerEvent.CANCELLED_SONG_PICKER when the picker is dismissed. Args: - downloadedSongsOnly: If true, the device will only show songs that are downloaded on the device, and ignore those in the cloud.

  • playSong(songId:String="", position:Number=-1):void Begin playing a song with the specified ID, or resume playing the current song if songId is "". Args: - songId: The persistent ID of the song to play, which is obtained after picking a song with the picker. - position: A playhead position in seconds, to begin playing the song. The default value -1 tells the player to begin playing at the start of the song or to resume where it left off.

  • pauseSong():void Pause the current song playback.

  • stopSong():void Stop current song playback.

  • setVolume():void Pass a Number between 0 and 1 to set the volume of the currently playing song.

  • getVolume():Number Returns a Number between 0 and 1 - the volume of the currently playing song.

  • setPlayheadTime():void Pass a Number in seconds to set the playhead of the currently playing song.

  • getPlayheadTime():Number Returns a Number in seconds - the playhead of the currently playing song.

  • fadeOutSong(fadeTime:Number):void Fade down the song's volume to 0 in fadeTime seconds.

  • fadeInSong(fadeTime:Number):void Fade up the song's volume from 0 in fadeTime seconds.


  • SONG_CHOSEN: Triggered when the user has selected a song from the media picker. The following properties will be available in the event object:

    • ID (String): persistent ID of the song. This is a 64-bit number on iOS and a URI on Android.
    • title (String): title of track.
    • artist (String): artist of track.
    • duration (int): length of the track in seconds
  • CANCELLED_SONG_PICKER: User has cancelled picking a song.

  • SONG_FINISHED: Playback of current song has finished.


See the SongPickerExample project which can be built with FlashBuilder.