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A compiler for SASS/SCSS written in PHP, brought up to date (approx 3.2) from a fork of PHamlP:

branch: master

PHPSass build status GiTip donations gladly recieved


We will soon be implementing PSR standards, and so compatibility requirements will move to PHP 5.3. A separate branch will be made for older versions, although it may not be updated.

Try online

You can compile and compare SCSS against the ruby compiler at


This is fork of phamlp primarily for inclusiong as a Drupal pre-processor. However, there is no Drupal-specific code and it will work for any PHP system.

This version of the compiler is NOT compatible with other forks of PHamlP, and the name has been changed to reflect this. Please take a look at the "sassy" module on for information on how to add frameworks and custom functions. Docs will be coming when we aren't doing more important things.


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