Arduino library for SDS011 dust sensor
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Arduino library for dust Sensor SDS011 (Nova Fitness Co.,Ltd)
This library uses SoftSerial or HardwareSerial to connect to the SDS011.


  • Define SDS object: i.e. SDS011 mySDS;

  • Start object: void begin(pinRX,pinTX); i.e. mySDS.begin(pinRX,pinTX);

  • Read values: int read(float *p25, float *p10); i.e. error = mySDS(&pm25,&pm10);

Reads the PM2.5 and PM10 values, return code is 0, if new values were read, and 1 if there were no new values.

Alternative with HardwareSerial

  • SDS object can also be initialized with a Serial object as parameter
SDS011 mySDS;

HardwareSerial objects need to be defined if using ESP32