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My dotfiles and useful scripts
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My dotfiles and scripts


  • bash: Bash setup, .bashrc and aliases.
  • bin: useful scripts (see details below)
  • vim: gVim and Vim setup, plugins.


git clone git://

Useful scripts

  • starts a Django server for the current project on
  • fab_bash_completion: enables bash completion for Fabric's fabfiles
  • finds files whose path or filename matches a pattern
  • initializes a local git repository
  • reads image size
  • mass-git: recursively run any git command on git repositories
  • mounts an in-memory filesystem to hold mysql data dir
  • myip: gives current IP
  • prepend-date: prepend the current date to a list of filenames
  • pycd: takes a module name and tries to CD to its directory
  • reset-gnome-panels: resets gnome-panel to its initial state
  • seek: finds files containing a regular expression, optionally using a glob pattern
  • seeknot: finds files NOT containing a regular expression, optionally using a glob pattern
  • togglecaps: enables or disables CAPS LOCK (runs on Vim, to disable CAPS when exiting command mode)
  • vagrant_bash_completion: enables bash completion for Vagrant files
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