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Frix is a PHP framework for rapid web development inspired by Django, a well-known python web framework.

The project was created some years ago as an attempt to conquer fame and glory bringing a Django clone to the PHP world, taking as an advantage the ease of finding PHP hosting in opposition to Python hosting.

Unfortunatelly, PHP object-orientation isn't as good as Python's, making it difficult to reproduce many Django's basic features, specially when object introspection was needed.

This project is discontinued, it's being shared just for fun, in case someone finds it useful, it's not extensively tested to be used in production on large websites but it may be suitable for small websites.


  • Admin (scaffolding): create, read, update, delete objects:
    • Support for hierarchical data;
    • Custom ordering;
    • Inline editing of related objects;
  • Object Relational Mapper (ORM): data models, query abstraction:
    • MySQL database backend;
  • Regular expression URL Router;
  • Pure-PHP templating engine with blocks and inheritance support:
    • Warning: not a great performer;
  • Error handling;


Clone the project on Github:

git clone git://github.com/ricobl/frixphp.git

Create a directory for your project and place an index.php file with the following content:

// Replace the path according to your setup

Create a config.php file with, at least, the database configuration:

$config['DB_URL'] = 'mysql://user:pass@localhost/database';

Frix only has support for MySQL, but it's possible to create backends for different databases. Take a look at frix/mod/Db and frix/mod/DbMysql.

The framework will automatically set some configuration variables but customization is possible using a config.php file. For an overview of available settings, take a look at the default_config.php file.

Database Structure

Some of the bundled apps have SQL scripts with the required database structure or initial data for the app.

Just create your database, and run each SQL script to generate the initial structure.

Static Media

Frix comes with some auxiliary static media files that need to be mapped in the config file in order to use some of the bundled apps.

Your project may have its own media directory, with javascript, css, and image files as long as any user uploaded content.

Bundled Apps

  • Auth: user authentication
  • Admin: models CRUD (or scaffolding)
    • Filebrowser: file manager
  • Cms: pages, sub-pages and menus
  • Settings: website settings (generic configuration)

For the bundled filebrowser feature to work, the upload directory inside the project's media directory must be writable.