Receipt reader & tip calculator for large groups built with React-Native
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splitz ease · Open Source Love


Splitzease is an application that makes it easy for people to split items on a reciept. It's easy:

  1. Select a picture
  2. Confirm your totals
  3. Specify the number of people in your party
  4. Add tip
  5. Send out Venmo payment requests to your party

Splitzease Demo

The application is built with React Native and uses OCR technology to scan a reciepts for totals. Due to the limitations of the OCR library, the app currently runs on an Andriod build.


Packages Used

APK File

Coming Soon...

How to run it

Please Note: Due to limitations of Tesseract React-Native OCR this application only works on Andorid devices.

  1. git clone the repository to your local computer
  2. git bash into the directory created by the clone
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run react-native link
  5. Start Android-Studio Emulator - Nexus 5X API 23
  6. In terminal run: react-native run-android


Modified on October 12th 2017 Created on September 25th 2017