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Welcome to the git_time_extractor wiki!

git_time_extractor is a small command-line tool that produces a CSV Time Log for each developer/contributor to a project tracked in GIT. It uses the commit timestamps and three basic reasonable assumptions, approved by the developer's accountant.

Quickly Getting Started


gem install git_time_extractor


  1. From your Terminal, go to the directory of the checked out GIT repository.
  2. run git_time_extractor > /path/to/save/result.csv
  3. open /path/to/save/result.csv in your spreadsheet application (Excel, Google Docs, OpenOffice Calc, etc).


  1. A series of commits within a three (3) hour window are part of the same development session
  2. A single commit (or the first commit of the session) is considered to represent 30 minutes of work time
  3. The more frequently a developer commits to the repository while working, the more accurate the time report will be