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The Minecraft SkinSystem for SkinsRestorer ⭐
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The SkinSystem; developed for cracked Minecraft servers, allowing for changes of player skins to something more custom.

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👓 Examples

The SkinSystem Preview The SkinSystem Preview The SkinSystem Preview

Installation view / SkinUploader view / Authen view (when you use this system with Authme)

📝 Requirements

🔧 Installation

If you use Ubuntu 18.04+, you may run this command to automagically install apache+mysql+git+curl, set apache2 webpage, and generate MySQL credentials:

sudo bash -c "apt-get update && apt-get install curl -y && curl -s | bash -s"

otherwise, follow these directions:

  1. Install MySQL
  2. Install and configure a webserver that supports php, php-curl, php-mysql, and php-gd. (apache2 may be used)
  3. Make sure your webserver is accessible.
  4. Create databases skinsrestorer and authme. Commands
  5. Download the latest release version from here!
  6. Put all of The SkinSystem into your web-root directory.

⭐️ Let's start!!!

  • IMPORTANT Enable Database in your AuthMe configuration. (Optional)

  • IMPORTANT Enable Database in your SkinsRestorer configuration. Example configuration:

  Enabled: true
  Host: localhost
  Port: 3306
  Database: skinsrestorer
  SkinTable: Skins
  PlayerTable: Players
  Username: root
  Password: ''

If you don't have a database password, You should fill '' into Password section.

  1. Load The SkinSystem from your webserver. You should be shown an installation page looking something like this:

Installation view Installation view

( Light theme / Dark theme )

  1. Select config.yml for SkinsRestorer(and AuthMe), making sure database is enabled and working.
  2. Now have fun with changing your skin! Have a good time. 😃
  • IMPORTANT You can change the configuration later at skinsystem/config.nogit.php
  • You can use this template for making config file manually.

🔨 Collaborators

@VectierThailand @lion328 @aljaxus @SkinsRestorer @InventivetalentDev @ITZVGcGPmO

👍 Donations

If The SkinSystem makes your life better, you can give me a pack of candy :)

or leave your thumbs up on Our team Facebook 👍

🏆 Hall of Donators

📝 License

Our SkinSystem is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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