Web UI testing framework base on Selenium.WebDriver and Selenium.Support.
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The purpose of this framework is to make UI testing much more easier and cheaper. Framework is based on selenium wrappers and principles which canopy uses.


We created types of 3 APIs.

  • AssertAPI
  • FluentAPI
  • LambdaAPI - just concept - not implemented

Assert API

Assert API uses concept of one assertation on one line. This approach has its own advantages when you need to quickly navigate between stack trace and source code.

AssertUI.InnerTextEquals(element, "expected value", "Custom error message.");

Fluent API

Fluent API is perfect for really simple tests. You can stack more checking methods in a row.

element.CheckIfInnerTextEquals("value", ...).CheckHasAttribute("data-custom");

Labda API

Lambda API is a theoretical concept for now. It is compromis between AsertApi and FluentApi.

    browser.First("#button").Check().InnerText(s => s.Contains("text"));
    browser.First("#input").Check().Tag(s => s.Contains("input"));


All critical settings are configurable in seleniumconfig.json. This provides you the possibility of creation specific configuration for your CI servers.

seleniumconfig.json file has to be copied to bin folder.

  "factories": { // defines browser factories
    "chrome:fast": {
      "capabilities": [ "--window-size=1920,1080" ]
    "chrome:coordinator": { // integration with docker
      "options": {
        "coordinatorUrl": ""
  "baseUrls": [ // all tested base urls for tests
  "testRunOptions": {
    "runInParallel": false, // sets whether browsers are used in parallel mode or not
    "testAttemptsCount": 1 // number of attempts to pass the test (1 = do not re-try) 
  "logging": {
    "loggers": {
      "testContext": {}, // uses TestContext in MSTest to log