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Apiary blueprint tester and documenter

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This all very priliminary, use at your own risk

This package uses the apiary blueprint parser

This parser is a little rough to get going (at the moment, since the npm install does not work). On ubuntu do

$ git clone
$ make
$ npm install

For windows, copy the whole lot. I included the built package in this repo for now (still need to install)

This package constitutes:

  • a blueprint to frisby test converter, which is incomplete (see test_spec.js)
  • a blueprint renderer based on hbs and handlebars (see server.js)

First install

npm install

To run the tests, install jasmine:

npm install jasmine-node -g

Then run the tests

jasmine-node .

To view the docs start the server

node server.js

And view it at localhost:3000

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