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GLXW OpenGL loader

GLXW is an OpenGL loader that dynamically links with OpenGL at runtime. It supports OpenGL core profile, OpenGL ES 2, OpenGL ES 3, WGL, GLX and EGL.

GLXW is a Python script that downloads OpenGL header files from official locations, parses them and generates the loader library headers and sources.

Basic use

  1. Run the script to download GL headers, parse them and generate loader. See --help for command line options.

    $ python
  2. Include glxw.c to your project sources and add glxw to your include path. Link with OpenGL libraries and/or EGL libraries as applicable. On Linux and other Unix platforms that use dlopen(), link with -ldl. Alternatively, CMake can be used to generate and build GLXW.

  3. In your project, #include <GLXW/glxw.h> and call glxwInit() when an OpenGL context is active. You do not have to include standard OpenGL headers, they are included from glxw.h.

    #include <GLXW/glxw.h>
    if(glxwInit() != 0)
  4. If you use CMake and intend to rebuild a lot or use GLXW as a CMake subproject, copy downloaded headers to glxw/include to avoid re-downloading after every "make clean".

    $ cp -R build/include/{GL,GLES2,GLES3,EGL,KHR} include/


GLXW is licensed under the zlib license. See file LICENSE for details.