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Dark Theme Everywhere

Darkens bright pages for easier nighttime reading. Check it out on the Chrome Web Store.

Unofficial improvement of the unofficial improvement of Inverter. I was tempted to call this "Nicest Inverter", but it doesn't actually invert anything. It gives you a dark page, no matter what!

Before: with its regular theme

After: with a dark theme applied

Improvements from Nicer Inverter:

  • Dark-ifies pages aggressively, so you're much less likely to come across pages with bright patches.
  • Dark-ifies pages by default, so you don't need to click the extension's button on every page load.
  • Allows you to toggle dark styles on and off without reloading the page.
  • Optionally darkens photos and media embeds.

There are a lot of inverters out there, and many of them are great. I'm using Dark Reader right now, and honestly, it's better than this for most use cases. BUT! Some pages on the internet are dark by default. When you invert a dark page, it becomes light. AGH MY EYES! This extension will always give you a dark background.

A Tim Hortons restaurant that has been painted entirely black

You can change the default theme from "Dark" to "Light" by going to Tools -> Extensions and clicking the "Options" link under Dark Theme Everywhere. You can toggle the theme with a hotkey by going to Tools -> Extensions and clicking the "Keyboard shortcuts" link at the bottom.

Now that your browser is nice and dark-themed, you might notice an annoying white flash between pages. It's a known bug that's being tracked in Issue 1373 and Issue 126341. I wrote another extension to reduce the flicker, but the problem will exist to some degree until it's fixed in Chromium.


Licensed under MIT.


🌘 Darken bright pages for easier nighttime reading. Unofficial improvement of an unofficial improvement of Inverter.




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