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(ns ring.adapter.jetty
"A Ring adapter that uses the Jetty 9 embedded web server.
Adapters are used to convert Ring handlers into running web servers."
(:require [ring.util.servlet :as servlet])
(:import [org.eclipse.jetty.server
[org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler AbstractHandler]
[org.eclipse.jetty.util BlockingArrayQueue]
[org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread ThreadPool QueuedThreadPool]
[org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl SslContextFactory$Server]
[javax.servlet AsyncContext DispatcherType]
[javax.servlet.http HttpServletRequest HttpServletResponse]))
(defn- ^AbstractHandler proxy-handler [handler]
(proxy [AbstractHandler] []
(handle [_ ^Request base-request request response]
(when-not (= (.getDispatcherType request) DispatcherType/ERROR)
(let [request-map (servlet/build-request-map request)
response-map (handler request-map)]
(servlet/update-servlet-response response response-map)
(.setHandled base-request true))))))
(defn- ^AbstractHandler async-proxy-handler [handler timeout]
(proxy [AbstractHandler] []
(handle [_ ^Request base-request ^HttpServletRequest request ^HttpServletResponse response]
(let [^AsyncContext context (.startAsync request)]
(.setTimeout context timeout)
(servlet/build-request-map request)
(fn [response-map]
(servlet/update-servlet-response response context response-map))
(fn [^Throwable exception]
(.sendError response 500 (.getMessage exception))
(.complete context)))
(.setHandled base-request true)))))
(defn- ^ServerConnector server-connector [^Server server & factories]
(ServerConnector. server #^"[Lorg.eclipse.jetty.server.ConnectionFactory;" (into-array ConnectionFactory factories)))
(defn- ^HttpConfiguration http-config [options]
(doto (HttpConfiguration.)
(.setSendDateHeader (:send-date-header? options true))
(.setOutputBufferSize (:output-buffer-size options 32768))
(.setRequestHeaderSize (:request-header-size options 8192))
(.setResponseHeaderSize (:response-header-size options 8192))
(.setSendServerVersion (:send-server-version? options true))))
(defn- ^ServerConnector http-connector [server options]
(let [http-factory (HttpConnectionFactory. (http-config options))]
(doto (server-connector server http-factory)
(.setPort (options :port 80))
(.setHost (options :host))
(.setIdleTimeout (options :max-idle-time 200000)))))
(defn- ^SslContextFactory$Server ssl-context-factory [options]
(let [context-server (SslContextFactory$Server.)]
(if (string? (options :keystore))
(.setKeyStorePath context-server (options :keystore))
(.setKeyStore context-server ^ (options :keystore)))
(when (string? (options :keystore-type))
(.setKeyStoreType context-server (options :keystore-type)))
(.setKeyStorePassword context-server (options :key-password))
(string? (options :truststore))
(.setTrustStorePath context-server (options :truststore))
(instance? (options :truststore))
(.setTrustStore context-server ^ (options :truststore)))
(when (options :trust-password)
(.setTrustStorePassword context-server (options :trust-password)))
(case (options :client-auth)
:need (.setNeedClientAuth context-server true)
:want (.setWantClientAuth context-server true)
(if-let [exclude-ciphers (options :exclude-ciphers)]
(.addExcludeCipherSuites context-server (into-array String exclude-ciphers)))
(if-let [exclude-protocols (options :exclude-protocols)]
(.addExcludeProtocols context-server (into-array String exclude-protocols)))
(defn- ^ServerConnector ssl-connector [server options]
(let [ssl-port (options :ssl-port 443)
http-factory (HttpConnectionFactory.
(doto (http-config options)
(.setSecureScheme "https")
(.setSecurePort ssl-port)
(.addCustomizer (SecureRequestCustomizer.))))
ssl-factory (SslConnectionFactory.
(ssl-context-factory options)
(doto (server-connector server ssl-factory http-factory)
(.setPort ssl-port)
(.setHost (options :host))
(.setIdleTimeout (options :max-idle-time 200000)))))
(defn- ^ThreadPool create-threadpool [options]
(let [min-threads (options :min-threads 8)
max-threads (options :max-threads 50)
queue-max-capacity (-> (options :max-queued-requests Integer/MAX_VALUE) (max 8))
queue-capacity (-> min-threads (max 8) (min queue-max-capacity))
blocking-queue (BlockingArrayQueue. queue-capacity
thread-idle-timeout (options :thread-idle-timeout 60000)
pool (QueuedThreadPool. max-threads
(when (:daemon? options false)
(.setDaemon pool true))
(defn- ^Server create-server [options]
(let [server (Server. (create-threadpool options))]
(when (:http? options true)
(.addConnector server (http-connector server options)))
(when (or (options :ssl?) (options :ssl-port))
(.addConnector server (ssl-connector server options)))
(defn ^Server run-jetty
"Start a Jetty webserver to serve the given handler according to the
supplied options:
:configurator - a function called with the Jetty Server instance
:async? - if true, treat the handler as asynchronous
:async-timeout - async context timeout in ms (defaults to 0, no timeout)
:port - the port to listen on (defaults to 80)
:host - the hostname to listen on
:join? - blocks the thread until server ends (defaults to true)
:daemon? - use daemon threads (defaults to false)
:http? - listen on :port for HTTP traffic (defaults to true)
:ssl? - allow connections over HTTPS
:ssl-port - the SSL port to listen on (defaults to 443, implies
:ssl? is true)
:exclude-ciphers - When :ssl? is true, exclude these cipher suites
:exclude-protocols - When :ssl? is true, exclude these protocols
:keystore - the keystore to use for SSL connections
:keystore-type - the keystore type (default jks)
:key-password - the password to the keystore
:truststore - a truststore to use for SSL connections
:trust-password - the password to the truststore
:max-threads - the maximum number of threads to use (default 50)
:min-threads - the minimum number of threads to use (default 8)
:max-queued-requests - the maximum number of requests to be queued
:thread-idle-timeout - Set the maximum thread idle time. Threads that are idle
for longer than this period may be stopped (default 60000)
:max-idle-time - the maximum idle time in milliseconds for a connection
(default 200000)
:client-auth - SSL client certificate authenticate, may be set to
:need,:want or :none (defaults to :none)
:send-date-header? - add a date header to the response (default true)
:output-buffer-size - the response body buffer size (default 32768)
:request-header-size - the maximum size of a request header (default 8192)
:response-header-size - the maximum size of a response header (default 8192)
:send-server-version? - add Server header to HTTP response (default true)"
[handler options]
(let [server (create-server (dissoc options :configurator))]
(if (:async? options)
(.setHandler server (async-proxy-handler handler (:async-timeout options 0)))
(.setHandler server (proxy-handler handler)))
(when-let [configurator (:configurator options)]
(configurator server))
(.start server)
(when (:join? options true)
(.join server))
(catch Exception ex
(.stop server)
(throw ex)))))
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