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RingCentral Java SDK
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RingCentral SDK for Java

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RingCentral Developers is a cloud communications platform which can be accessed via more than 70 APIs. The platform's main capabilities include technologies that enable: Voice, SMS/MMS, Fax, Glip Team Messaging, Data and Configurations.

API Reference and APIs Explorer.



repositories {

dependencies {
  compile 'com.ringcentral:ringcentral:[version]'

Don't forget to replace [version] with expected version.




Don't forget to replace [version] with expected version.


Download jar here and save it into your java classpath.


Intialization & Authorization

RestClient rc = new RestClient(clientId, clientSecret, server);
rc.authorize(username, extension, password);

// do something with `rc`


For the server parameter, there are two static final string variables in RestClient:

public static final String SANDBOX_SERVER = "";
public static final String PRODUCTION_SERVER = "";

Token refresh

Since 1.0 version, the SDK by default does NOT do auto token refresh. This is because most of the time it's better to manage token lifecycle manually: rc.refresh().

For simple apps, token auto refresh could be beneficial. So we provide a sugar method: rc.autoRefresh(). This method will start a background timer to refresh token for you every 30 minutes. You can customize the refresh period, for example, change it to every 50 minutes: rc.autoRefresh(1000 * 60 * 50).

Code samples

You can find sample code for all the endpoints.

There is also lots of useful code for your reference in our test cases.

PubNub subscriptions & notificatioins

Please refer to the RingCentral PubNub SDK for Java project.

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