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A simple and modular web server written in 100% plain PHP. (2008)


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I wrote astahttpd back in early 2008 as a fun project and stop developing it at the same year. At that time PHP did not have built-in web server. I don't have plan neither to make new features nor do bug fixing on astahttpd.

What is astahttpd?

astahttpd is free and open source web server written using 100% pure PHP. It uses socket_select() to achieve non-blocking TCP connection (asynchronus alike). Currently astahttpd v0.1-RC1 support these following features:

  • GET, POST, and HEAD methods
  • Alias directories
  • Modular Architecture
  • CGI Processing (mod_cgi & mod_cgi_header)
  • Virtual Host (mod_vhost)
  • URL Rewrite (mod_rewrite)
  • Basic Authentication (mod_auth_basic)
  • Digest Authentication (mod_auth_digest)
  • Log written to file (mod_log *)
  • Bandwidth Limiting (mod_bandwidth)
  • Live server status (mod_status)
  • Content encoding using gzip or deflate (mod_encoding)
  • Directory Browsing (mod_dir_browser *)
  • Win32 Support *
  • Simple caching (mod_cache) *
  • Autofix URI (mod_autofix_uri) *
  • Static content (mod_static *)

Note: * new in this release

You need at least PHP 5.2.3 to run astahttpd since it implements Object Oriented features that only available on PHP5.

astahttpd SHOULD NOT be used in production environment due many performance and security issue that has not been fixed yet.

The Idea

  1. The idea behind the making of astahttpd is simple, I just need simple web server for astasms (an sms server written also in pure PHP). Since astasms front-end is web based, so it needs a web server. I don't want to use Apache or other mainstream web server player, because i think it's too heavy if used only for supporting front-end.

    After tried few simple httpd server written by somebody else, but most of them just make me more frustating. Many of them is really hard to install and configure and the worst, i even cannot compile them :( .

    So I started to make my own web server using my favorite language PHP. The first thnik I need to decide is whether to use PHP4 or PHP5. I think OOP in PHP5 is very good and make software maintanance easier. So I decided to use PHP5.

  2. Just for fun :) .

Current Version

Current version that shipped with this distribution is astahttpd v0.1-RC1

Latest Release

You can obtain astahttpd latest release on project homepage at


Quick start

$ git clone
$ cd astahttpd
$ cp conf/aws.conf.php.sample conf/aws.conf.php
$ php bin/aws

Open your web browser and point to http://localhost:8000

For details see file called INSTALL for Linux and INSTALL_WIN32 for Windows users.


astahttpd is licensed under GNU GPL v3, for more information see file called LICENSE.txt


Rio Astamal


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A simple and modular web server written in 100% plain PHP. (2008)








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