Demos and examples for Riot and submodules
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We're making these examples compatible to v3. If you find something strange, feel free to send PR 😄

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Riot Examples

This is a series of examples designed to showcase the benefits of adopting Riot. It is made possible by the Riot open source community.

Note: These examples are basically tested on the latest version of Riot. Check the older examples here for v2.

We have several examples to choose from; each one demonstrates different aspects Riot:


Timer Source Demo
Todo Source Demo
Todo (pre-compiled) Source Demo
Live filtering Source Demo
Mixins Source Demo
Observables Source Demo
Router - Page switcher Source Demo
Animated list reordering Source Demo
Live Ajax Search Source Demo


ES6 Source Demo
Pre-process LESS Source Demo
Router - Complex Source Demo
Router - History API Source
Webpack Source
Rollup Source


If, then, elseif Source Demo


If you have an example that you think others could benefit from and you'd like to share it please read the contributing guidelines and submit a PR.


If you find something that isn't expected please raise an issue and we'll get on it. To make it easier to debug please use the Bug Reporter.