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According to my tests riot is too slow during the rendering and mounting process

  • riot boot time ~1000ms
  • vue boot time ~200ms
  • react boot time ~100ms
GianlucaGuarini commented Oct 19, 2016 edited

Btw riot@next appears to be twice faster than the riot@2 but I am still not 100% happy

vitogit commented Oct 20, 2016

Are you using the chrome devtool profiler? It could be useful to know where most time is spent https://i.imgsafe.org/8189f62f89.jpg

rogueg commented Oct 20, 2016

Your test uses an each, which creates a new (anonymous) tag for every item in the list. Creating tags in riot is pretty slow, because it does so much:

  • Create new DOM using setInnerHtml (which the browser then has to parse)
  • Walk that DOM and parse expressions (regex against every attribute and text node)
  • Evaluate those expressions and update the DOM

A while back I was kicking around the idea of "tag stamping" to avoid some of the redundant work here. Basically you'd do setInnerHTML and parseExpressions just once, to create a "pristine" version of the tag. Every time you wanted an instance, you'd cloneNode and copy the expressions.

It's a pretty major change though, and I didn't really want to work on it until riot 3 was out.

GianlucaGuarini commented Oct 21, 2016 edited

Thanks @rogueg for your answer, I have also detected the parseExpressions as the origin of the issue. I think we could solve the issue caching and rebinding the expressions like you said in a sort of virtual tree for each of the looped nodes. The question is more if we should really implement this sort of virtual dom also for the other tags as well. Another question is, how do we parse the expressions injected via yield then?

It's a pretty major change though, and I didn't really want to work on it until riot 3 was out.

@rogueg I think we could already work on it for the following reasons:

  1. The compiler is not ready yet and probably will require still a bit of time ( @aMarCruz could tell us more about it )
  2. I would prefer to make a release that solves all the performance issue riot had before, I was focused on the update method that was heavily improved, but the mount should be improved as well
  3. This update is not a breaking change because it will change how riot handles the DOM creation internally so it has no side effects for our users
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