Parent tag data-is is reset when disabling a nested tag with if="... #2311

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vzdor commented Apr 7, 2017

<div data-is="message"></div>

When there is a nested tag in the message tag with an "if" attribute:

   <editor if="{editing}"></editor>

If I update the message tag with editing=false, then data-is, on the parent tag, is set to null.
It works if I wrap the editor tag in a div:

<div><editor if="{editing}"></editor></div>
  1. Can you reproduce the issue?
    Click the Close link and notice that the background (scoped class) is not applied.

  2. On which browser/OS does the issue appear?
    Firefox 45, Chromium 57

  3. Which version of Riot does it affect?
    3.2, 3.4

  4. How would you tag this issue?

  • Question
  • Bug
  • Discussion
  • Feature request
  • Tip
  • Enhancement
  • Performance
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