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GBIF Alert

Django CI License: MIT Automatic deployment - demo server

GBIF Alert is a GBIF-based early alert system for invasive species.

It is a reusable website engine powered by Django available under the MIT license. Contributions are welcome! See for more information.

Getting started

GBIF Alert allows you to monitor a list of species, and be notified of new occurrences on GBIF via email.

Multiple websites using GBIF alert (called instances) exists, in order to target different communities:

  • You are an end-user that just want to be informed of new occurrence in the GBIF network? Join an existing instance that covers your area and species of interest, register and start configuring your alerts! Here is a demonstration video:

  • You have more technical knowledge and want to install your own instance of GBIF Alert? No problem: GBIF Alert is fully configurable, and we provide facilities to make it easy to install and deploy. See for more information.

GBIF Alert instances in the wild