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have it so I get the best novel winners only and I now have the year …

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commit 9e3e182fabdc7889afcb34f0dd5ff9169555d4b0 1 parent b126a07
Rob Rowe authored
Showing with 19 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +19 −10 hugoclr/parser.clj
29 hugoclr/parser.clj
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
(ns hugoclr.parser )
-(defstruct work :winner :title :author)
+(defstruct work :winner :title :author :publisher)
(defstruct category :award :books :year)
(defn fetch-url [url]
@@ -21,15 +21,24 @@
[url] (re-matches #".*hugo-history.*/.+" (.Value (first (.Attributes url)))))
+(defn get-year
+ [p-node] (apply str (take 4 (.InnerHtml (second (.ChildNodes (.ParentNode p-node)))))))
(defn get-work-title
- [li-node] (.InnerHtml (first (.ChildNodes li-node))))
+ [li-node] (.InnerHtml (first (.ChildNodes li-node))))
(defn get-work-author-and-publisher
- [li-node] (.InnerHtml (second (.ChildNodes li-node))))
+ [li-node]
+ ;; (println (nil? li-node))
+ (if (nil? (.ChildNodes li-node))
+ (.InnerHtml li-node)
+ (.InnerHtml (second (.ChildNodes li-node)))))
+ ;; (let [[all author publisher]
+ ;; (re-matches #"\s+by\s*(.*)\s+\[(.*)\]" (.InnerHtml (second (.ChildNodes li-node))))] {:author author :publisher publisher}))
(defn get-category-heading
[p-node] (.InnerHtml (first (.SelectNodes p-node "./strong"))))
-;;(filter #(not (nil? %)) (map #(.SelectNodes % "./strong") p-node)))
(defn check-for-winner
@@ -38,22 +47,22 @@
(defn create-works-seq
- [lis] (map #(struct work (check-for-winner %) (get-work-title %) (get-work-author-and-publisher %)) (seq lis)))
+ [lis] (map #(struct work (check-for-winner %) (get-work-title %) (get-work-author-and-publisher %) "") (seq lis)))
(defn create-category-struct
(let [ul (.NextSibling (.NextSibling p-node))
lis (filter #(= "li" (.OriginalName %)) (rest (.ChildNodes ul)))]
- (struct category (get-category-heading p-node) (create-works-seq (seq lis)))));; "1111")))
+ (struct category (get-category-heading p-node) (create-works-seq (seq lis)) (get-year p-node))))
(defn parse-awards-page
"Gets all the book related sections of the web page. The first 5 items are book related."
- ;; this will get the title of the work: (.InnerHtml (first (.ChildNodes (second (.ChildNodes ul)))))
;; this will get the author and publisher of the work: (.InnerHtml (first (.ChildNodes (second (.ChildNodes ul)))))
- ;; use 'Best Dramatic Presentation' as the cut off category name
- (let [top-node (take 5 (get-html-elements award-url "//div[@id='content']/p[not(@class)]"))]
- (map create-category-struct top-node)))
+ (let [top-node (get-html-elements award-url "//div[@id='content']/p[not(@class)][2]")]
+ top-node))
+ ;;(map create-category-struct top-node)))
(defn get-awards
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