Code to go along with my blog series on building web apps with golang's Martini package

I know it has been a while since I've written a post on this series but now that some things are starting to calm down on the family side of things I have started writing the third post in this series. There will still be a little lag inbetween posts but there will be posts!

Learning Go with Martini - Blog Series

This repository contains the code for a series of blog posts that I am writing as I teach myself Go. Each blog post's code will be on its own branch with the master branch having the latest and greatest code for my sample app. As the posts are plublished there will be a 'read it'.

Build Web Applications with Go & Martini

The beginnings, setup your Go environment and create an app that returns JSON.

Working with MongoDB

This post will convert the HTTP GET from the first post into code that reads from MongoDB. I will also add a POST call that stores the data in the MongoDb.

Building a Web UI

  • blog post Currently in the process of writing the post