Java version of ripple-lib (work in progress)
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The Ripple Java Library

Build Status

Java version of ripple-lib (alpha work in progress)

Currently looking for java/android developers to help evolve this library/api.

Please open an issue with any questions/suggestions.

The goal for this is to be an implementation of ripple-types, binary serialization, with a websocket library agnostic implementation of a client, which will track changes to accounts balances/offers/trusts, that can be used as the basis for various clients/wallets.

Current status

  • sjcl.json aes/ccm for (wallet) blob decryption
  • Binary serialization/parsing/shamap
  • Crude implementation of a high level client
    • Single threaded
    • High level helper classes
      • AccountTransactionsRequester (wraps account_tx)
      • PaymentFlow (wraps path_find)
    • Automatic transaction resubmission
      • Resubmits transactions in manner resilient to poor network conditions
  • Api client choice of websocket transport
  • Test suite for core types
  • Signing / Verification
  • KeyPair creation
  • Android example
    • Multi threaded
    • Send XRP and IOUs
  • Inlined version of BouncyCastle 1.49
    • Provider name: "RBC"
    • Package name: org.ripple.bouncycastle
  • CLI example



  • More helper classes
  • General cleanup/stabilisation of code / api surface
  • Documentation
  • Complete test coverage


  • See in ripple-examples/ folder