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  • liveSassCompile.settings.format

  • liveSassCompile.settings.savePath

  • liveSassCompile.settings.extensionName

  • [NEW] liveSassCompile.settings.formats : To setup Format (style), Extension Name & Save location for exported css [Multiple Format Supported].

    • Format can be expanded, compact, compressed or nested. Default is expanded.

    • Extension Name can be .css or .min.css. Default is .css.

    • [New] Save location is relative from workspace root or your Sass files.

      • Default value is null. (null means, it will generate CSS in the location of scss/sass. By The Way, It is null, NOT "null").

      • "/" denotes relative to root.

      • "~" denotes relative to every sass file. - Complex Scenario. (Checkout the example)

    • Example :

              // This is Default.
                  "format": "expanded",
                  "extensionName": ".css",
                  "savePath": null
              // You can add more
                  "format": "compressed",
                  "extensionName": ".min.css",
                  "savePath": "/dist/css"
              // More Complex
                  "format": "compressed",
                  "extensionName": ".min.css",
                  "savePath": "~/../css/"

  • liveSassCompile.settings.excludeList: To Exclude specific folders. All Sass/Scss files inside the folders will be ignored.

    • default value :

          "liveSassCompile.settings.excludeList": [ 
    • You can use negative glob pattern.

      • Example : if you want exclude all file except file1.scss & file2.scss from path/subpath directory, you can use the expression -
      "liveSassCompile.settings.excludeList": [

  • liveSassCompile.settings.includeItems: This setting is useful when you deals with only few of sass files. Only mentioned Sass files will be included.

    • NOTE: No need to include partial sass files.
    • Default value is null
    • Example :
        "liveSassCompile.settings.includeItems": [

  • liveSassCompile.settings.generateMap: Set it as false if you don't want .map file for compiled CSS.

    • Default is true.

  • liveSassCompile.settings.autoprefix : Automatically add vendor prefixes to unsupported CSS properties (e. g. transform -> -ms-transform).

    • Specify what browsers to target with an array of strings (uses Browserslist).

    • Set null to turn off. (Default is null)

    • Example:

      "liveSassCompile.settings.autoprefix": [
           "> 1%",
           "last 2 versions"

  • liveSassCompile.settings.showOutputWindow : Set this to false if you do not want the output window to show.

    • NOTE: You can use the command palette to open the Live Sass output window.
    • Default value is true