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Table of Contents

- Introduction
- System Requirements and Installation
- Using agnos
- Test Formats
- Release Notes
- Bug Reports and Feedback 


agnos 0.0.1

agnos is a language agnostic unit testing framework for agile development. 
It allows one to write tests in different languages and the framework will take 
care of running the test files. The framework follow some of the TAP protocol 
formats popularized by Perl Test::modules and PHP-QAT runtest framework 


    * Quick unit testing
    * Simple and ridiculous easy test formats
    * Automate the regression/testing process
    * Execute test suites
    * Generate associated test reports
    * TAP(Test Anything Protocol) Compliant

System Requirements and Installation

agnos has been developed and tested on Linux platform specifically 
distro but other linux distro would be fine including 
those UNIX like operating systems.
	Minimum Software Requirements
		- Linux 2.6.xx (Ubuntu)	
		- PHP 5.2.6
	The method of instalation depends on whether you have downloaded the tar
	or zip file distribution, or you have a Subversion store checkout.
	1. Place the agnos/ directory in /opt location.
	2. You need to set up the environment variable PHP and set it to the binary 
	   location of your PHP binary. agnos will then look for this entry when
	   it is invoked in command line.
	3. Change agnos.php file mode to an executable file by issuing the 
       following commands :
			chmod +x agnos.php
	agnos, as of this release doesn't include an automated install script so
	you are on your own to place the agnos src according to your preference.
	We do however recommend to place the agnos directory under /opt directory.

Using agnos

Once the installation is complete you can now start using agnos in cli via 
the following commands.

	Individual File Testing
			./agnos.php -f bug123.phpt
	Multiple Files Testing
			./agnos.php -f bug123.phpt -f path/to/dir/bug456.phpt
	Recursive Directory Testing
			./agnos.php -r path/to/dir			

	Multiple Directories Recursive Testing
			./agnos.php -r path/to/dir -r another/path/to/dir -r extra/path/to/dir
	Mixed or Combination of (Individual/Multiple/Recursive) File testing
			./agnos.php -f bug123.phpt -r path/to/dir -f path/to/dir/bug456.phpt  -r another/path/to/dir -r extra/path/to/dir
Test Formats
See Samples/

Release Notes

See ReleaseNotes for additional informations about this release.

Bug Reports and Feedbacks

This project is still in development stage, many bugs are not fixed or found yet. 
Feel free to submit bug reports if you find them.

If you have any question or feedback, please send email to one of the project 
administrators. We appreciate your kindly feedback.


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