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This is the source code for, where I track the books I've read, and that I want to read. This repo contains both the scripts that build the site, and the source data used by the scripts.

How it works

Each book is a text file, with a bit of metadata at the top, and Markdown text in the body. When I run the build script, it reads all these files, and turns them into a set of HTML files. I upload a copy of those HTML files to my web server, where they're served by nginx.

The data entry is eased by a data entry script that allows me to add books to any of the three piles, and can also pull (book) data from Goodreads or push data (my reading state) to Goodreads. But this repo and its contents are the primary data source.


In a virtualenv, run pip install -e .. Then you can run:

  • books to get to a menu that allows you to add/edit books, or bulk-edit tags.
  • books auth to get and save your Goodreads credentials
  • books social to post to social media. My nick and name are currently hardcoded.
  • books build to build the site, creates the _html directory. Add --db=path.db to export the data to a sqlite database aswell.
  • books load to bulk-import book data from a database in the format created by goodreads-to-sqlite. It's very specific to my stuff and you probably want to touch it up before using it.
  • books db to export all books/reviews to a sqlite database. Pass --db to specify a path.

Related work

Thanks go to Lexie who inspired me with (source) and allowed me to nick the data input scripts.