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Orginally I've developed this for my undergrad thesis work. If you have lots of CSV data and you want to visualize data, this is ideal for you.

For example invoke the tools with following arguments "..\Data\Ackley\file name 1.csv" "..\Data\Ackley\file name 2.csv" "..\Data\Ackley\file name 3.csv". The chart file will be generated in the same directory format except Data will be replace by Charts. So you will get generated image file in "..\Charts\Ackley\file name 1.csv.png" "..\Charts\Ackley\file name 2.csv.png" "..\Charts\Ackley\file name 3.csv.png"

For this CSV file, generated chart is like this.

I just needed a line chart. Obviously you can easily modify this to generate other type of charts.