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This Vim plugin will search for terms using the excellent , making API lookups simple.

It provides a new :Dash family of commands and (recommended) mappings.

WARNING: is a Mac only application, so you will not benefit from using dash.vim on Linux nor Windows. It can be installed on those systems however, but it will not load.

Commands, Mappings and Configuration

Read the help to know more.


Using Vundle:

Just add this line to your ~/.vimrc:

Plugin 'rizzatti/dash.vim'

And run :PluginInstall inside Vim.

Using pathogen.vim:

Copy and paste in your shell:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Using vpm:

Run this command in your shell:

vpm insert rizzatti/dash.vim

Using Plug:

Just add this line to your ~/.vimrc inside plug call:

Plug 'rizzatti/dash.vim'

And run :PlugInstall inside Vim or vim +PlugInstall +qa from shell.