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README for Rubric 0.148

Rubric is a note-keeping system that also serves as a bookmark manager. Users store entries, which are small (or large) notes with a set of categorizing "tags." Entries may also refer to URIs.


This is young software, likely to have bugs and likely to change in strange ways. I will try to keep the documented API stable, but not if it makes writing Rubric too inconvenient.

Basically, just take note that this software works, but it's still very much under construction.


Things you'll have to do to use it:

  1. install the modules with the usual "make install"
  2. put rubric.cgi and rubric.yml somewhere together in your docroot (start with the rubric.yml in etc/)
  3. create a location in which to put rubric.db
  4. update rubric.yml (if you require verification, set email_from)
  5. in the dir with rubric.yml, run "rubric db --setup" to generate rubric.db
  6. set rubric.db +rw by the httpd user; set its location +rwx
  7. create a user object for yourself (via the web or with adduser.pl)
  8. (optional) set up .htaccess to prevent access to db, yml, and templates
  9. go?


Things you'll have to do:

  1. install the new templates (and probably the css)
  2. install the modules
  3. run rubric db --update (from the location of rubric.cgi/.yml)
  4. update your config


To import your bookmarks from del.icio.us:

  1. get my delicious-backup script (on the CPAN)
  2. dump your bookmarks to YAML (delbackup -y)
  3. run: load_yml USERNAME < bookmarks.yml