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Cloud Stenography was to be a graphical interface to Hadoop, on a dataflow and SQL abstraction. The idea was to compose ad-hoc datasets for analysis and visualization in Pig SQL using a graphical dataflow interface leveraging ILLUSTRATE to preview data, run jobs and then easily export them out to Excel. The goal was to combine ETL and analysis in one web application where a layperson could easily combine disparate datasets and then learn from them. If I learned anything with Lucision it is that data isn’t real until users can touch it in Excel. I early aborted this project and company. A few people have asked me about it, and I’m hoping that this will be useful to someone.

You can see this project in action in a video here.

It really generates the code in that video, which I believe was a LOAD/FILTER/GROUP, etc. WireIt transmits the graph, the Perl does a topological sort to get an execution order, and then very hackishly generates a subset of Pig. I had not yet handled referencing datatypes two steps back in the interface when I stopped working on it, so you had to fill those in.

It is a huge hack - my specialty. If I were to do it again, I would use Ruby, I would modify Pig to return data in JSON from a restlet, etc.

This project was made possible by:



The WireIT Wiring Editor


With assistance from Alan Gates and Eric Abouaf

This was a prototype. It is no longer under active development. Anyone wishing to continue development should pull the most recent WireIT release, look at the code as an example and start over :)

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