Create and manage MySQL dumps and backup to Amazon Glacier
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Create and manage MySQL dumps locally and on AWS Glacier

Note: dumpfreeze is under heavy development, do not use for vital services


Depends on mysqldump being in your system path. This is typically provided by your distro in a mysql|mariadb-client package.


git clone
cd dumpfreeze
pip install --user .


Make sure your AWS credentials are located in ~/.aws/credentials

dumpfreeze uses a local sqlite database to keep track of the inventory. By default this is located at ~/.dumpfreeze/inventory.db

In general commands follow the format: dumpfreeze noun verb --options UUID

Getting Help

For any subcommand, append --help to view usage and options.

Backup Commands

Create a backup:

dumpfreeze backup create DATABASE

Upload a backup to AWS Glacier:

dumpfreeze backup upload --vault VAULTNAME UUID

Delete a backup:

dumpfreeze backup delete UUID

List backups in local inventory:

dumpfreeze backup list

Archive Commands

Delete an archive:

dumpfreeze archive delete UUID

List archives in local inventory:

dumpfreeze archive list

Initiate a retrieval job for an archive:

dumpfreeze archive retrieve UUID

This command will initiate an AWS Glacier retrieval job. Due to the nature of Glacier, archives are not immediately available. A secondary command, dumpfreeze poll-jobs will check all active jobs for completion, and if complete will grab the actual archive and store it as a local backup. A retrieval job typically takes 3-5 hours, and will expire sometime after 24 hours of completion. Because of this, the poll-jobs command should be run periodically as a cron job.


Virtualenv Installation

Create virtualenv:

virtualenv .venv
. .venv/bin/activate

Install Dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt


python -m dumpfreze.main --help


dumpfreeze is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for full text.